Customer Testimonials

Andy called in to thank VOXCOM for the great service while handling an intrusion alarm.His roommate's ex-boyfriend came into their home and tried to severely hurt her so Andy decided to trip the alarm and disarm it immediately just to scare him off. Andy was so impressed that even when he disarmed the system within a minute VOXCOM called him to make sure everything was so okay. He is so happy to have a VOXCOM security system and believes that having the system allowed the situation turn out for the best.


"VOXCOM responded quickly to a fire in our home to prevent any major damage and we even received a phone call from VOXCOM a couple days later to see how we were making out after the fire. We would like to thank VOXCOM for everything that they have done for us."

Batista Family

"We have a responsibility to our society and to our customers to address issues that affect our communities. We remain steadfastly committed to social responsibility; hence, there is always work to be done and through our employees, services, dealers, suppliers and contributions to charitable organizations, we will continue to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate."

Brad Sparrow
President and CEO
VOXCOM Security Systems

Doris called in to thank the Emergency Response Centre for a great job during an intrusion alarm.

She said the operator helped her through the whole incident, after the police were dispatched, while the intruder came into her home. Thankfully, there was only some minor damage to her home, Doris was very thankful for the service and highly qualified operators at VOXCOM.


Break In "During the night, intruders tried to break into my office. The alarm was activated, and VOXCOM tried to reach me but I couldn’t be reached at that moment. VOXCOM took the initiative to immediately send a guard to prevent the thieves from stealing anything or causing any damages. The guard remained until my arrival and made sure the office was completely secure before leaving. Because of the efficiency of VOXCOM’s service, the office was protected to my entire satisfaction. I don’t hesitate recommending their service to any one."


Break In "One unfortunate night while I was out, the alarm rang–I had a break in! I came home to six police officers (three in the house and three outside at all exits) and a stolen minivan in my driveway. When the robbers kicked in the back door and they could not dismantle the alarm, they fled when the loud siren rung true through the home. If it had not been for the VOXCOM system or their quick response to notify the authorities, I could have been ripped off or, worse yet, hurt by a would-be intruder. Take it from me, that security and peace of mind when I go to bed at night is priceless!"


Joseph, a pleased LifeCall customer, is thankful for investing in a LifeCall system.

He said that having the system has already helped him during a couple of medical emergencies and saved his life, when he just got his system installed a couple of months ago.


Break In "When we experienced a break and entry in the middle of the night, we were impressed by how fast and efficient VOXCOM has responded to the alarm triggered by the forced entry prompting the police to be at the scene in minutes. This immediate and swift action by VOXCOM lessened the time for the thieves to scour for loot. We would strongly recommend VOXCOM Security to all of our friends and family."


Lillian would like to commend VOXCOM for great service during an intrusion alarm..

From the moment her alarm went on until the guard arrived, the VOXCOM operator talked with Lillian to make her feel calm and secure during her time of terror. And when the guard arrived, he checked everywhere around her home to ensure she was safe.


Shirley was very pleased with the response to an intrusion alarm from the Emergency Response Centre at her business.

Apparently the thieves were targeting a few businesses around the area, especially those that did not have alarm systems. But once the thieves picked the lock and entered the site, the sirens immediately scared them off. Shirley had nothing but praise for all the operators she dealt with from VOXCOM.


Another Pleased Customer "Since we received our VOXCOM alarm system, we have been very pleased with the service provided. Any questions we had concerning the system have been addressed in a quick and professional manner. The fair monthly monitoring is worth every penny to ensure this family's security. Thank you."

The Smith Family