Reasons to Install a Home Security System

Each home and family has unique security and safety needs. We’ve outlined some common themes for our security system customers below. Please contact a VOXCOM Life Safety Consultant at any time to discuss your specific needs at 1.800.661.5535 or via email.

Common reasons for installing a home security system are:

Moving to a New Home

Take this opportunity to ensure all aspects of your home are properly protected.
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Property Crime Concern

Concerned with your family’s safety due to rising crime in your neighbourhood? We can help.
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Home Security While Traveling

Traveling and leaving an empty home or a family at home? Find out how we can help ensure your home or family is safe while you’re away.
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Recent Home Break-in

Have you been a victim of a home break-in? Contact us to learn how we can help prevent a break-in from happening again.
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Home Insurance Discounts

Many insurance providers will provide a discount when you are protected against intrusion and fire with an insurance approved alarm system.
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Already Have a System Installed?

Find out the benefits of switching to VOXCOM’s premium alarm monitoring services for your home security system.
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There are many reasons for you to start protecting your home and family today with a home security system from VOXCOM.

Email Us or Call a VOXCOM Security professional at 1.800.661.5535.