Home & Life Safety Tips

This section of our Web site is dedicated to everything related to Life Safety. We hope that you use this site often to educate yourself and your family about safety related issues. We will be constantly adding new resources to this site, so come back often.

Safety tips, advice, and resources in this Web site have been recommended and/or adapted from numerous organizations devoted to safety and prevention. Look for links to these and other organizations throughout our site.

Home Safety
Security tips for safety at home.

Fire Safety
The importance of smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and having an escape plan.

Carbon Monoxide Safety
Learn how carbon monoxide enters the home and what are symptoms of CO poisoning.

Travel Safety
Do you know what to do to ensure travel safety?

Personal Safety
Security tips for your personal safety.

Safety for Seniors
Make homes safe and secure for seniors.

Safety for Kids
Learn about kids safety; everything from electrical safety to poison prevention.

Internet Safety
Learn safety on the Internet. Prevent loss of personal information and protect kids.